If you are interested in having a resin bound driveway and would like to see a full range of finishes, then please contact Pro Pavers today.

  • Resin is environmentally friendly
  • It can reduce the risk of flooding
  • It will provide a firm surface
  • You will be left with an attractive finish
  • Your new driveway will be easy to maintenance
  • There is a wide range of coloured resin for you to choose from

If you are thinking about having a new driveway and are looking for a durable surface that has an attractive smooth finish, then we would suggest resin.

Resin bound is a very strong material that can be laid on top of concrete and tarmac. It is a great alternative to block paving.

We use a blend of aggregates that look very effective when mixed together with clear resin. We can maximise the structural strength and maintain some kind of grip when using these different blends.

Resin bound is the ideal choice if you are looking for a driveway surface that is easy to maintain. It is very appealing to the eye and can be laid in a matter of hours. Even though we have used resin for many driveway projects, we can also use it to create garden paths.

It can be laid out side garage forecourts and around buildings. There is also the added bonus of resin being permeable and very porous.