Imprinted concrete is an extremely popular option and yet, many customers are unaware of how it is installed as well as the associated benefits. This type of concrete is poured in sections. Before the surface has an opportunity to dry, a unique pattern will be applied.

This enables you to choose from a kaleidoscope of unique design options. It is therefore possible to match a nearby area of your property or include a more artistic flavour. Still, there are a handful of other benefits attributed to this type of concrete:

  • It is much quicker when compared to laying bricks by hand
  • Colour can be included within the concrete formulation
  • Loose bricks and cracks will no longer be present
  • This concrete offer superior drainage solutions

In terms of longevity, imprinted concrete is an excellent choice. Many types will include a polymer within their mixture; offering incredible waterproofing benefits.

This also protects the colour of the surface from fading when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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